It is never too late

December 18, 2023

It is never too late. Many of you have come to that belief when you examine your lives and world and feel like you are giving up or there is no solution.

The solution to everything you experience in your life and world is within you, and it comes to light when you take the next step into who you desire to be and fulfill your life purpose, as it is a valuable one and one that will aid planetary ascension.

Please study the message we provided on this date in 2012, and you will be on your way to greater adventure and success.

December 18, 2012

It is never too late for you to be, do, have, or create anything you truly desire during your physical life experience. It is essential for you to start to become aware of the times when you are holding a belief that it is too late for you to do anything, for, in those instances, you have accepted limitation, which is entirely the opposite of expansion, which you sought to accomplish on this journey. 

It is never too late to change your mind about your potential and abilities and become the person you always intended to be. Any thought of limitation is something that your world has made up, and if you accept it, that will be your personal reality. 


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