The rainbow is ahead

December 13, 2023

The rainbow is ahead. When you consider the appearance of a rainbow in your physical world, it always emerges through the rain, but only if you are willing to see the light.

You have stepped into another aspect of your evolution and planetary ascension. As you view your life and world today, the message we gave you on this date a year ago will aid your understanding. 

December 13, 2022

Your strength will surprise you. You are on an evolutionary journey to cause your expansion and that of your world, which we have said are the same. But many of you have yet to understand your importance and significance of creating both.

The life you were given had built-in experiences to move through so you would become more. You also chose to accomplish your goal during a time of restructuring because you collectively desired a better world, which is why you exist. You are meant to shine, and our work was to aid you in that endeavor.

It is challenging for each of you to recognize what you were given, and it was difficult for Roger to accept what he was given, but now he knows he can no longer do that if he intends to fulfill his life purpose.

Roger knew we had given him everything, especially in 2012. Then he faced the duality: many of you are here to heal. You intended to love who you are and stop denying the gifts you possess. But then you will have to contend with your everyday experiences, some of which will be your upcoming holidays. Still, other parts include losing some people you have been close to while simultaneously awakening to who you could become. 

 – Wilhelm

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