You will remember your intention

December 17, 2023

You will remember your intention. Your intention when you were born and even before you came to the physical plane was to evolve. As you do so, you expand consciousness to add or complete another aspect of your evolutionary journey.

You accomplish that goal using your human brain utilizing linear time. We are not constrained and provided a message on this date in 2012 when we began guiding you through your ascension process. You will use it now and also aid in the planetary ascension. 

December 17, 2012

Your intention and motivation in anything you attempt to do, create, or manifest can be very different and produce different results. You would do well to seek to know the difference. 

If you intend to create some contribution or cause an experience of expansion in another, you will receive the result of that action personally because you are all one.

If your motivation, on the other hand, is to attempt to make yourself more or better than another or to try and prove your worth, you will be dissatisfied with those results as you operate on a false principle. 

You and all others are equal, and your highest good is theirs. 


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