Fear can help you

December 16, 2023

Fear can help you. That statement might sound counterintuitive, and it was meant to be that. While you may have had many interpretations of beliefs about your experience of fear, we would like to offer the one we provided on this date in 2012. As you view your life and world, you can better decide how to use your fear experience.

December 16, 2012

Fear is both your enemy and your friend as it relates to your intended goal of expansion while you are on the physical plane. 

It is your enemy when it blocks from your awareness the true nature of your eternal spiritual being or prevents you from experiencing the full nature of human existence. 

It is your friend when it causes you to seek its sources and uncover the illusion that causes it to seem real to you. When you find these instances, you will be motivated to live more fully, continue your expansion, and contribute to the expansion or evolution of the world at large.

When you embrace all aspects of fear, you also begin to live fully. 


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