Self-love reveals your perfection

December 20, 2023

Self-love reveals your perfection. That would have to be the case, for that was the reason you were born, but uncovering and owning your perfection was the goal you set for yourself.

We have provided you with reminders, and we have done so on particular days as we knew it would aid your evolution and the planetary ascension. As you study the message, you will understand the importance of changing your perspective of yourself and your life journey, for it was perfect. 

December 20, 2012

 Everything that is occurring is always perfect. Perfect, as it is being used here, means that in some manner, it causes your expansion and that of all that is, or mass consciousness. This concept is difficult for you to understand at times, for you and all others are always operating from a limited state of awareness, or you are a step behind, as you might think of it. 

It might help you to examine not only your personal history but that of your world at large. You will find evidence of events and circumstances that were judged disastrous or “really bad things” that eventually caused a particular change, which was expansion or evolution. That was perfect. 


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