In 2012 We Told You How to Save Yourself and Your World

We knew you would be at this juncture in your journey, so we provided you with some aids to help you understand and ease your way. The journey is uniquely yours, but your success will create the world you want.

We provided these messages in our work, “Your Life Operating Instructions.” The particular excerpts we are providing now are the ones you requested. You have always had guidance along the way, but now you are much more open and receptive. It was all in the timing.

Where you sit in your journey now has been uncomfortable. But you also wanted that experience to be prepared for this one. Your evolution has always been underway, but your conscious awareness is increasing. Even that experience can cause anxiety, but we were ahead of you again. These passages will help.

We pulled the information we provided on blame for you will have much work to do with that, as will your countries and leaders. Please keep in mind that you and your world are evolving by resolving these challenges. You are witnessing the results of this in your world this very day, and you wonder how we could have known that. You each hold levels of disbelief that halt your evolvement.

But where you are beginning is with you. Our goal is for you to experience your magnificence and importance. And once you do, your world is saved as well as you. Some of the work here will be challenging, and it will take place in your thoughts which will use this information to expand your consciousness. In our live conversations, we have always said where your true power is held. We will leave the attachment of the messages, and if you spend an hour or so in contemplation, you will feel a sense of renewal that we will reinforce continually. Imagine if everyone did what you were about to do.

You will tell them when you’re done. All will be fine.


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