You Win When You Discover Peace and Happiness

We just gave you the mission you set for yourself in this life and why you chose to accomplish your goal during a galactic restructuring. We told you that it might be challenging to remain calm during this period, but when you remember your mission, you will accomplish your goal.

We are speaking to you and not about your world, for outward appearances will fool you at this time. However, your inner journey is ever continuing, and the success you desired to achieve will only be known and felt by you, and it will show up when you find yourself at peace with the actions you take, the thoughts you hold, and the words you speak.

Your experience of that peace and happiness is confirmation from your soul that what you intended to contribute to the world is now being accomplished. And now you will be rewarded, resulting in increased physical abundance for you; for now, you have aligned with your soul’s mission. For all souls, that is remembering oneness.

Please attempt to remember this message throughout the next couple of days, for your world might appear to present something different. Still, even those conditions will allow you to remember and reclaim your power, and we will help with our live conversation, and you all will be fine.


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