You Are the Most Powerful Person You Know

You are the most powerful person you know. We have just given you the essence of every communication we have ever given. and it was the intended goal those would come to understand as they move through the work we provided you in 2012, which we now call “Your Life Operating Instructions.”

As we have mentioned, none of you began your evolutionary journies in this lifetime. But you are here now to complete a particular mission you established for yourself, and the process of achieving whatever you chose comes through your self-acceptance which always appears at the right time in your life as it was when you even found our words.

We told Roger to find one message we gave you several years ago to prepare for your world now and how it intersects with your intended mission of recognizing and finally coming to own your internal power. Please also note the direction we had to give him to deliver those words, so do not judge yourself for not moving before now.

We also told Roger our focus for the talk this Saturday will be on how you can remain calm in the midst of chaos for your world will exhibit that quality for you, but you are the one who chose to be here, and when you accomplish the message we leave now, you all will be fine.

December 17, 2017
Stop running from yourself. Please tell your story in detail, as it will help so many.

You uncovered a transcript of a dream you had twelve years ago. The number of years is essential. Here is the transcript.

“The appearance of this dream was there were several spiritual leaders of a sort, in a group in a circle, and we were asked who would do something, and I ran forward. It seemed that I volunteered while at the same time thinking, why did it need to be me?

I seem to be conflicted about whether I will continue to listen and be open without the pain or will I go back to my old ways?

I ask for guidance and clarity. There is still a part of me that thinks the experience isn’t real on some level, and I could put it away while a stronger part knows that is not the case.”

(You have also witnessed the first time Roger has shared that exact transcript, and that is because it makes sense to him now as it will to many of you.)

Now in your current time, after discovering the transcript, you attempted to pretend you didn’t see it; for now, it could no longer be ignored. You now recognize the conflict. Stop running means letting go of the resistance you have had in becoming your true self. Everyone does this to a certain degree, and now you get to decide if you will stop running.


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