Shame and self-denial are companions

October 19, 2022

´╗┐Shame and self-denial are companions. If you experience any shame, it means you are practicing self-denial. You were born perfect, which is the message we have attempted to deliver to you during this time of your restructuring but the person who practiced the most self-denial is Roger.

The difficulties you might be feeling in your life and the ones you all are witnessing in your world result from your lack of understanding of the title of this message. We have often said that there is no hierarchy of souls, but you each struggle with that concept in your lives.

You were given something to bring to the world to aid your healing, evolution, and the collective. But when you deny who you are, you contribute to the challenges you experience in your life, add that energy to your world, and then have the resulting challenges plaguing your world. 

We have said we had given you everything in 2012, which was a challenging concept for most of you, including Roger, and we will explain it all today. You each come to the world with a unique gift to offer, and it is something innate to you. You do not necessarily have a vivid memory of what that might be as you live, for it comes through in your life as you have your life experiences. All of your experiences are valuable and purposeful for you and your world. Still, you often use your human judgment, which is always limited, so when you don’t understand or accept your specific gift, you manifest difficulties in your life and world.

We were able to give you everything in 2012 because Roger has ancient memory and is a mystic which was the self-denial that has manifested challenges for him. Fortunately, he knows how to move through them because, as we said, we have given you everything. 

We will give you another piece of the puzzle which some of you might understand, for you possess familiar memories as Roger, but they will only emerge when they are meaningful in your life and world. We have mentioned that Roger had an existence in Atlantis, and he had that information come through in an Akashic Records reading. But he found that challenging as you each will as new parts of yourself emerge during your ascension process. 

We know the idea of other lives is challenging for many of you, but if you stretch your imagination more, you may find some relief. We provided what we have all these years to guide you through your current generational limitations and biases that are on full display in your world. We knew they would be here now, for we were not limited to linear time. That is the reason we could provide specific dates of what you might be moving through and how to best accomplish your goal for you each have one. 

None of you understood why the work we provided produced such miraculous results with those who used it, and it is because it is based on the premise that each of you is a valuable contribution to your world. Still, you have carried old beliefs and ideas that have blocked you from prospering and your world from expanding. 

What we provided was a manner of healing you and your world, and it is the same one that many others in your world now are utilizing, and the more who do, the easier your transition and the restructuring you all desire will succeed. But first, you must become willing to move through your self-denial. At times you will allow challenges to show up in your life before you do so, and today we had that occur for Roger, so now he can claim more of himself to aid more of you who are willing to stop denying your greatness.


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