The pain will end when you change

October 18, 2022

The pain will end when you change. We are speaking to you, the individual, and your world collectively. We used the word pain to make this personal for Roger as we use his story to inspire you.

We have said you are moving through a global transition, and it is something none of you have experienced, so there will also be new aspects of you that emerge. We also mentioned that self-discovery might be shocking, which is why many of you don’t do it. You experience times of physical, mental, and emotional pain because you refuse to change and accept who you have become.

When you come into the world, you hold visions of what you desire to be, do or become. But as you live, you have experiences that might take you away from your initial intention, and we have referred to those as distractions. You believe that if you can focus on some other activity, you can forget about your true mission. 

In 2005 Roger had a dream that he wrote about and promptly put it in a folder in a closet, only to be unearthed years later by someone other than him. In that dream we have referenced often, he remembered being asked to do something where it appeared he volunteered and then immediately questioned himself and thought he might forget what had occurred. You have done the same thing, which is why we are telling the story.

Roger wondered if he could forget it and return to his old self. He knew if he did, he might continue with the pain, and he also recognized that by seeing an old friend of his. All of that was purposeful because we wanted all of you to know you might leave those old friends and your old life, which is why we had Roger write last night that he must retire his old self just as you will. 

2005 was significant, as was 2012, which many of you have not understood. You will have times in your evolutionary journey when specific years hold meaning and purpose for the collective. We revealed to Roger in a live conversation that 2005 was significant for him because he witnessed the appearance of a human drama called Katrina in the United States. The event itself was meant to cause more of you to awaken to your humanity, but you also are slow to change.

These changes are all coordinated with the Universe, Gaia, God, or all that is, so your world would evolve. That happens when you decide to change, and not many do so immediately. There was another energetic and galactic shift in 2012. You were meant to begin a new path to usher in the new world you want. 

If you remember, so many in your world believed the interpretation of the Mayan calendar said your planet would end on December 21, 2012, but we told you to wait. You were in preparation for this time in your evolution and that of your world. But that will only occur when you change.

We will continue this tomorrow as it could be too much information to absorb at once, but we will end with this. You each have a vital role to play, and it is unique to you, and it is before you now, and if you move to it, you will begin to end the pain for yourself and your world. 

We know some of this is challenging for you to accept, but that is why we gave you our work. That was what Roger had difficulty accepting and what he must change, and we will aid the rest of you to do the same. 


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