Money will be your biggest obstacle

October 20, 2022

Money will be your biggest obstacle. We have said you are moving through a restructuring of your life and world, and everything will be different but also for your highest collective good once you understand what is occurring and offer to do your part. 

Your part or job is to love and honor who you are and what you came to offer the world, for it is within you. Money holds no value other than that which you give it and yourself. You will use the energy of money in this lifetime to advance your soul’s journey, which is the collective journey of your world. 

We have given you this information previously, but you will accept certain ideas as you allow your consciousness to expand, for that is the reason for your physical life journey. We know many do not have memories of other lives. Still, you have feelings that alert you to what you are in the world to accomplish now, which is restructuring your world. 

You cannot accomplish that until you examine what is within you that you have withheld that could benefit your life and the world and much of it has to do with money.

We have said we gave you everything in 2012. Still, you and Roger found that difficult to accept as you have found the events in your world and life challenges, but again, they could all become magnificent for everyone when you decide to love and honor yourself. Your energetic contribution is more valuable than you know now.

You each will have different ways you utilize the energy of money, and they all manifest the world you currently live in and the one you are manifesting now. Some of you have used the acquisition of money and other material things to cause yourself to feel worthy. You then inadvertently begin to make others think that they are somehow less than others due to the energy emitted through your actions.

Others had not allowed themselves to receive money because the energy of it holds a memory or repression you inherited from those who came before that you intended to change now when you accept your importance and relevance. 

We understand we have given you information that might take time to decipher, but we will make it easier. Roger has not accepted the money he should be utilizing now due to his resistance to owning himself, just like you have. Additionally, he has a memory where money was not a factor in your world, giving way to his tendency to give away everything as others have done. 

He knows what we have given you all could change the individual’s life and your world. But self-acceptance is a challenge for each of you and him. Still, you will come to love and accept yourselves, for we will continue to provide more as we did in a live conversation a year ago on this date. Nothing is accidental; if you listen, you might hear us now as Roger did last night. You can listen here:


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