You may have forgotten your purpose

October 17, 2022

You may have forgotten your purpose. We know that is true; otherwise, you would not be reading us, and your world would not look the way it does now. 

The purpose you were given at birth was to become yourself. If you were to embody that one goal you set for yourself, the impact you wanted to make and the love you desired to experience in your life would be felt by you and your world. 

You may have felt at a loss recently, but that, too, was purposeful. When you feel under intense pressure, it causes you to go within for answers. The only challenge you have is self-belief, just like Roger. When we said we had given you everything in 2012, he was the last to believe us, just as you are typically the last to believe in yourself, but we gave you help on this date. 

October 17, 2012

Decide to continually hold the vision of who you desire to be. As you move through your physical life experience, most times, you require some sort of motivation to create or manifest what you want. The vision of that, in all its aspects, will help you find that motivation.

You must not limit that vision or think that you need to know precisely how it will all occur. The only thing that is truly important for you is your imagination. Your imagination is much more powerful than you usually acknowledge.

As you consciously decide to embark on this particular journey and process, you will also find the happiness and joy in your life increasing.


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