You will decide if your planet survives

October 16, 2022

You will decide if your planet survives. When you view that phrase, it might not have dawned on you that the power to allow your world to evolve rests in the hands of every individual. But you must ask yourself how much of that responsibility you are willing to accept. 

If you have not allowed yourself to fully accept who you are and what you have brought to earth, then you are not doing your part, so whatever outcome befalls your world will be partly your responsibility. 

We made that paragraph intentionally heavy as we are directing it to Roger, much like your guides have done with you. You hold back on what you think you are meant to do and question your ability to do so. 

Your world needs you more. We disturbed Roger’s sleep to tell you this and make him uncomfortable, so he stops holding himself back, for he knows how he could aid others.

We told him to find the message we gave on this date in 2012 and place it here so all of you might take action today, and your planet will become what you want. 

October 16, 2012

The term self-improvement is a misnomer, for, in actuality, your self is already improved and perfect. You are having a physical life experience because you knew that coming to understand this and accept and approve of yourself unconditionally is the road to the expansion you sought.

People will come into your life experience to help you with this goal by acting as a reflection or mirror of your currently held, usually hidden, beliefs about your very “self.” When you accept this process and decide to use it for your benefit, you will notice that the judgments you hold about another are the ones you hold about yourself.

Every one of those judgments you release, you also evolve. 


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