You might be ready to awaken now

October 15, 2022

You might be ready to awaken now. If you choose to do so now, it will cause your physical life journey to become far more enjoyable. You are in the process of evolving, ascending, or moving to oneness or whatever term resonates for you.

We had said you and your world are in massive restructuring, and we provided guidance through all of our work, especially in 2012 when your world moved through another portion of its ascension. Many of you were aware of that period, but Roger was not. We have explained this in our live conversations, but we thought today we would give you one message from earlier this year that may not have made sense to you but might now. 

We are also doing this because we want more of you to accept your importance in your world now and prosper. All we wanted was for you to thrive and succeed, and you do that by becoming your authentic selves, and now you have a blueprint through Roger. But he too must lead, and it will require him to become more public and do what he has avoided, which is own himself, just like you. 

Here is that message to refresh your memory.

But another unexpected event has encouraged Roger to commit to his purpose. He witnessed our work spreading to more across your world, which was our intention. We will leave the blog post, and you might wish to subscribe to Sally!

Finally, to foster more belief within you, we will leave the message we gave on this date in 2012, for it is the action we wanted you all to take, and Roger will finally lead the way. 

October 15, 2012

One of the best ways to begin your day is with the conscious thought to choose wisely. When you make this decision each day, you will set forth energy that allows you to do just that. Any choice you make then throughout your day will have a different intensity of light that appears.

You will make a choice from your present moment’s level of awareness and wisdom, which is always the most you can ever do. When you do choose in this manner, you also become vividly aware you are making choices

you know they will lead you to greater expansion, and you also trust the integrity of your choices and your life experience.


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