We wanted you to succeed now

October 14, 2022

We wanted you to succeed now. As you examine your life and world, you might begin to question where things are headed, which will be determined by your actions.

You came to the world with a project you were meant to offer, and you are the only one who can achieve your goal. While you might have done many different things in your life or think you don’t know what to do now, we will say that is just another excuse you are utilizing, and if you choose to stop doing that now, your life and world will change.

We understand that concept is challenging for many of you to accept, but we provided guidance on this day in 2012. 

October 14, 2012

When you decided to have a physical life experience, you never intended for your primary goal, or your priority, to be merely acquiring something physical. Your only intention was to become more or expand spiritually.

Your previous results will explain why some of your projects, where your priority was only about acquiring money, things, or anything else purely physical, left you feeling unfulfilled or like a failure.

You will often notice that your greatest reward, or one that you feel on a deep level, is emotional, mental, and ultimately spiritual. What you decide to do now with your unique project will cause you and all others to expand spiritually.


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