You will understand everything today

October 11, 2022

You will understand everything today. But first, you must become willing to suspend your disbelief which has always been our goal. Everything we have provided will cause you to recognize your worth and value. We wanted you to know how vital it was to manifest everything you have ever desired in your life at this time of restructuring your world.

Sunday, we had our live conversation with you, where we explained all that was occurring in your world. Last week we said everything would change on Monday, and many of you noticed those events. We spoke on Sunday, and we held the conversation that day, for we knew what would be coming next, and it wasn’t because it had to occur, but it was also due to the inaction on your part. 

Our only message has been to alert you to your importance and the fact that no one is alive better than you, and what you have to offer the world is needed now. 

We then told Roger we wanted him to change the structure of our work today so he might take our message to more, but he, too, must move beyond his limitations, so we went to work this morning. We first had him “stumble” upon a video speaking of mystics which he knows he is but still holds back what he might offer, just as you have done. 

Then he noticed what his partner had completed on his blog that Roger had not seen, which is a pattern of his and one you might have used. If he doesn’t look at what he was given to bring the world, he might not have to fulfill his mission. That never works for him or you.

You exist at the most monumental time in your evolutionary journey and that of your world. We told you this a year ago, and we do love using dates, as you might have heard in our session Sunday, but you will not be able to miss the points we gave you a year ago that will resonate now for you as most humans do not see what’s coming until it arrives. 

Roger knows he can do more but has held back as you have, but now we would like all of you to change that, and when you do, you will change your world. 

We will leave the links here; “I was a reluctant mystic.” 

Sunday’s session, “Now is the time you want to succeed”

“The reason you are alive now” Channeled October 20, 2021. .

You will find it challenging to move through the information we provided in this message and not understand your significance. 


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