Self-doubt is your greatest challenge

October 12, 2022

Self-doubt is your greatest challenge. You all carry that condition to a certain degree. Due to the current restructuring of your world, you are discovering aspects of yourselves previously unknown to you, and you begin to question if they are real. You will wonder why you haven’t seen them before. 

If you knew everything you would encounter on your physical life journey before you began, there would be little point to your life. We have offered another alternative, and you will decide if you believe us, but it will become far more critical in the coming days for you to believe in yourself.

We have said we gave you everything in 2012 and used specific dates to awaken your belief. You have moved into a new dimension in your world, and not all will believe your world is moving in the proper direction, but that is why you are here. You are meant to actualize the gifts you have discovered, and we provided a message on this date to aid you. 

Yesterday we had Roger write another article using the word mystic, for that is one he had doubts about and didn’t want to become associated with that terminology; however, now he is accepting himself as you are meant to do. 

October 12, 2012

There is always a way for you to solve anything in front of you that you perceive to be a problem or challenge. The process of solving that problem or challenge is what you have set before you to enable you to expand.

The moment you accept that there is no solution; that will be the case for you. Your acceptance of that particular stance will also momentarily halt your expansion. This applies not only to your personal physical life experience but to your world at large.

Allowing yourself to find the solution always involves what you think of as a win-win situation, meaning that all concerned will benefit from the solution itself. You must first know the solution or the way always exists.


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