You didn’t make a mistake, and neither did we

October 10, 2022

You didn’t make a mistake, and neither did we. We are speaking to you from several vantage points today. The first might be what you consider God or your higher self, for they are the same. And the second one is what we meant when we said we had given you everything to aid you in moving through this restructuring of your life and world.

We know the recent times have been challenging for many of you, but as we have also said, we provided guidance. Belief is the most challenging aspect of your physical life experience for you to gain and the most vital element you would do well to harness.

We had our live conversation with you yesterday, where we revealed much more. It will be life-changing for some of you as it was for Roger. Here is the video replay of that session.

While we have used the synchronicity of dates from 2012 to help you gain coherence, there was no message given on this day, for we knew you would want to rely on your resources now, for you have developed many. 

You stand at the most pivotal place in your life and your world. The results will be derived through your actions. 


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