Everything changes on Monday

October 7, 2022

Everything changes on Monday. While we have said often in our live conversations, we are not physic but merely interpret the current energies of your life and world to provide guidance for a safe passage. Many of you have found that difficult to believe and accept, just as you have done with your dream, life purpose, and the magnificent life you intended to lead.

We said you are moving through a massive shift in your world, and you exist to aid its evolution. No one holds more power or ability to shape your life and earth than you. You merely decide when you will believe in yourself, which is why we said it would all change on Monday.

We are giving you that information based on several factors. The first one is if you are hearing, reading, or listening to us, you have had a desire to aid humanity through your existence but have had difficulty accepting and believing your importance in the world. 

The second reason is we have given Roger so many synchronicities that it would be impossible for him to deny the value of what he holds, which would provide you with the ability to shape your life into one of love, light, happiness, and prosperity. We gave you all the tools to do so. 

We did so again today with our message from 2012, and we have never been wrong. You will move through another galactical shift through your full moon configuration on Sunday, which we advised Roger to hold a live conversation so we can provide more.

Then in the United States, you will continue your Pluto return, and your actions will be seen and felt by the rest of your world. If you honor who you are and your life mission, you will manifest the world you want. That choice is made collectively by the choices you make individually.

Roger has understood what is occurring in your world and how he could aid his evolution and that of all that is. Still, he, too, had to accept what he was given, which is a tool to help so many others if he helps himself first, and that, dear friends, is the culmination point we wanted each of you to reach.

The change in your physical world is financial, and those here know you would use your wealth to foster benevolence in your world. Still, you must first accept that prosperity for yourself, which is a pattern and habit many of you would do well to break, and we will begin with Roger, and we will do it Monday.

As you read our message from this day in 2012, you might be more motivated to believe in our work, but it is far more critical for you to recognize and own who you have become.

October 7, 2012

Seek to find the benefit in all that you do. Every action you take, an event that occurs in your life, or a circumstance that shows you up for you carries two very different aspects or contrast. 

You will experience those two different things personally as pleasurable or uncomfortable for you. It matters not which particular experience you currently have; there is always a benefit to be found.

When you seek to see it, you will create a life experience that is much more fun, and you will build a type of momentum that urges you to do more. It is not difficult to see this process in action. All you need do is observe others around you and will see the contrast.


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