The world needed you now

October 8, 2022

The world needed you now. All the information we have provided over the last several years was meant to make you understand and accept that premise, for it is accurate. 

We are still providing information we will clarify tomorrow in our live conversation, but first, we would like you to study and attempt to absorb a message we gave you in 2013, as we have guided you all along, just as your guides have done.

“Every soul is born with particular gifts. There are no gifts more important than another, for they all add to the expansion of the individual who possesses that gift, as well as to all others who will benefit from your gifts.

You always know when you are accessing your particular gifts because you experience joy as you engage in your gift. It is never important what you think the magnitude or extent of your gift might be, but it is what you can think of as a seed to your successful and happy life when you decide to pursue it.

It can even be things that you take for granted, such as being a good parent, listener, being of service, or merely what you think of as a good employee. The fact is you know when you are in the process of pursuing it because you experience joy. You are always moving in the right direction in your life when you experience that joy.”


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