We gave you a pathway to happiness

October 6, 2022

We gave you a pathway to happiness. When you accept your particular path, you will experience that happiness and have everything else of a physical nature you could want.

We know the recent times in your life and world might have been challenging, but they are also for your highest good. We mean on your evolutionary journey and that of your world.

You have never been in an accidental place in your life, and you only discover later the importance and significance of everything you have lived, and for many of you, that time is now. 

Not all of you will want to become happy, for it is your choice. Everything we provided enabled you to change your perceptions about yourself and the world so that you can evolve and aid your world in its evolution.

We will leave the message we provided in 2012, and while it will speak to Roger specifically, it will do the same for you if you are willing to become happy. 

October 6, 2012

It is indeed noble for you to do things for yourself. A thought pattern you have carried reinforces what you learned: doing something for you would make you selfish or unloving in some way. This is a false idea, and, in actuality, one of the most loving things you can do is to do things for yourself.

When you are nourished emotionally, spiritually, and physically, you are in a much better position on many levels to do much more for others. When you pay attention to some of your thinking, it will become abundantly clear that you spend a great deal of time trying to figure out what you think others want and end up doing nothing. Think about it.


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