Please do the impossible

October 5, 2022

Please do the impossible. That is why you are alive. You each come to the world with something you desire to manifest, create, achieve or heal from your past. It is before you now.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring, and you have no memory of what came before, but you do know what you have yet to achieve in your life, and this time in your world is aiding your evolvement as your world ascends to a higher state of being.

We will give you this information in increments as more of you must accept your purpose in the world now, and that will cause the impossible to become possible. And yes, we are referring to everything in your life and the world. We provided guidance on this date. 

Please consider the entirety of this message as your world has shifted into another dimension. Many of you fear the unknown. When you do that collectively, you manifest chaos. You can change it all when you absorb the following message.

October 5, 2012

You can indeed experience the physical life you desire when you decide to focus on what is possible rather than what you have been taught and come to believe is not possible.

Your intention, and the only reason you wanted to live in this time and place, was so that you could expand and evolve, and that can only occur when you seek what is possible. When you focus on what is possible, it is not only for your personal benefit but for all others.

You often are unaware that you have limited what you might experience in this lifetime because of where you have held your thinking. You can change that.


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