The reason we had our session yesterday

October 2, 2022

The reason we had our session yesterday. We understand many of you might be confused or frightened by global events, but that is also why you are alive now. 

You intended to make a difference, and your only job was to believe in yourself but that is also a lifelong journey; we gave you additional support because you each have had it from your guides, and we show up as reinforcement. 

October 2, 2012

All of you is acceptable. This refers to every aspect of your physical being, including your physical traits, emotions, moods, or anything else that makes up the unique you.

You only experience difficulty when you attempt to ignore, hide, or pretend that certain aspects of you do not exist. All of them are purposeful and valuable, or they would not exist, and you would have no experience of them.

In actuality, many of those traits that you find displeasing to you may offer you the most guidance in your quest to expand. What you may think of as a deficiency leaves room for more expansion, as you intended.


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