Your life purpose is before you now

October 3, 2022

Your life purpose is before you now. We have said you are moving through a restructuring of yourself and the world, and nothing will be the same as it was, including you.

You will begin to discover things about yourself you did not know or feared did not exist. Either way, you discover more of yourself, as was your intention during your physical life journey.

We did provide help on this date, for again, we want you to accept the divine plan for your life as it is before you now, and this message will help you focus and manifest it into existence.

October 3, 2012

Your objective will always guide and direct your way. As it is being used here, objective means what you desire to accomplish with whatever you attempt to do. You sometimes experience difficulty with some of your projects when you have not taken the time to become consciously aware of your particular objective before you begin.

Your most successful results in what you attempt will usually contain a twofold objective: to further your own personal expansion and contribute to others or all that is. You will find that when your objective is in place, your choices and decisions become clear.


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