You must release your old self

September 28, 2022

You must release your old self. You are in the process of creating a new world. You are doing that by deciding to become your best self which requires you to become willing to release who you thought you were, for it is not the same as who you could become.

We have said we provided information to guide you all, and we used specific dates for jogging your memory, for you each have memories of those who came before. You have a slight, if not nagging, awareness of something you wanted to add to the evolution of your world, and it is before you now.

As you study the message, we gave you on this date in 2012, please attempt to incorporate its meaning into your life over the next week, and your transition will be much easier. 

September 28, 2012

You will never find your feeling of security in anything physical, meaning anything that only has value in the physical world. Those things include your money, possessions, position, and even certain physical personal relationships.

You intended to merely use all those things to find your security or value in your spiritual world or your true eternal self. When you make an effort to accept and believe this concept, you will save yourself countless days or years of frustration and disappointment in trying to find that sense of security in the physical world.

This is precisely why when you take time to retreat to your spiritual world, you sense that eternal security.


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