You wanted to change things

September 27, 2022

You wanted to change things. We are referring to the conditions of your life and world; as we have said, they are the same.

We provided guidance for this day in 2012; for now, it is when you might examine your life and the world and erroneously believe something has gone wrong when it hasn’t, and the only thing missing is your continued willingness to become your best self.

Please contemplate the message we will leave for the next several days as more changes in your world will provide you further opportunities to create the life and world you want. 

September 27, 2012

Many times during your physical life experience, you settle for certain existing conditions in your life that are not desirable for you because you lack belief in attaining what you truly desire. Or, on some level, you believe you do not deserve to manifest what you truly desire.

It is never that you are not capable or have the ability to manifest your truest desires, but you stop putting forth the effort based on erroneous prior beliefs.

The best way for you to begin to shift this situation is to accept the premise itself, not judge yourself for the condition, but decide you can now make new choices with your new awareness.


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