We wanted you to love yourself

September 29, 2022

We wanted you to love yourself. Everything we have provided has been to that end, and it was all designed specifically for this time in your life and world. 

You are moving into a new state of being, requiring you to suspend your disbelief and become courageous enough to step into the unknown of who you are. 

One of the main challenges you and others experience is being halted in your development due to your fear of criticism. We gave you a message on this date in 2012, so you might utilize it now to strengthen your belief in yourself and the new emerging person you are becoming. 

The next few months in your world will offer you numerous opportunities to criticize others who disagree with you, but please remember you are all the same, and you are moving to oneness. 

September 29, 2012

What you might perceive to be any type of criticism directed your way can be used to your benefit when you decide to embrace it. You would not even perceive anything said to you to be criticism unless there

was something there for you to gain value.

You will gain that value through your own self-assessment. You will examine what is said, determine if any of it has merit or not, or what you might accept as truth and decide you would like to change, or you

will discard it as having no value for you currently. In that case, you walk away with a greater appreciation of yourself. Either way, you always benefit when you decide not to ignore it.


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