You were born to succeed

September 14, 2022

You were born to succeed. Whatever success might mean to you, it is before you now and within your reach. While you might not understand that now, as we recognize many of you have not understood what we meant about restructuring your life and world, Roger did. 

You come into the physical world at a time when it would be more beneficial for your evolution and that of your world. How you contribute to your growth is by becoming your authentic self. That was the intent of the program we provided, for we knew it would be helpful to your world during this transition.

Each of you will have your barriers because you cannot evolve until you become willing to move beyond them. All of them involve some element of you not believing you are capable enough or some other limiting belief you constructed in your thinking. Not all of that is something you did consciously but something you brought with you, and it is connected to all those who came before, not just your family.

This restructuring will continue, and you will move through it more easily when your focus remains on removing your blockages to who you could become, which has always been our work. 

None of this is new to any of you. Roger knows this, but he doesn’t want to be seen, which is valid for many of you. Several years ago, we urged him to write a book about fear as we knew it would help him and many others. He rarely spoke of it, and in February 2020, his mentor held up our book in front of more than 100 people and asked, who would want to know how to overcome fear? 

The point he made was that Roger was withholding what he knew could be helpful to more people now. We will have him leave a link to a free copy for you all. In the book, he explains how we have worked with him all these years, and it would provide more information to many more about how and why we created the program. Roger has hidden what he was able to accomplish through our work which was his clever way of remaining small which many of you have done but now is not the time to continue that behavior.

We will leave a message we provided years ago again. We know where things are headed beforehand, which is why we want Roger to stop holding back as you are meant to do as well. Your authentic self is the most powerful possession you have, and it was God given for you to utilize now, and we provided help. 

October 13, 2015

If you wait for all the fear to subside or become manageable before you attempt to do something that you deem important, you will probably never begin.

If you wait for all the other voices to be silenced before you become comfortable enough to add your own, you will probably never utter another word.

If you wait to be permitted to become and live as your authentic self, you will probably never have that experience.

If you wait for doubt in your thinking about who you are and what you believe to be your truth to disappear completely, you will probably never fully know your truth.

While at times it is wise to wait, it never makes sense to wait to be you.


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