We gave you a philosophy

September 15, 2022

We gave you a philosophy. We thought we would begin today with a further explanation of all the material we have provided over the last several years; for now is the time you meant to accept more. 

You are each born with equal ability, talent, and skills you could utilize to manifest a magnificent life. You will make different choices about who you decide to become, and you never know what that might be when you are born, but it is something that would allow you to evolve if you were to accept what you were given. 

You decided to be alive during the time of the restructuring of your world, and as we said, it was also generational, meaning you are meant to accomplish something more than your ancestors or all those who came before. You will contribute when you decide to love yourself, and you do that by accepting every aspect of who you are, and that is your authentic self.

Yesterday we had Roger write a post on social media apologizing that he could not be as attentive as he was in joining other groups or programs because he had a philosophy to deliver. None of those words were accidental, for he knew that was accurate, but like you, he has carried his fear and doubt even with all the evidence we have provided. You have done the same thing and were meant to; otherwise, no evolution would occur. 

We had Roger provide his book to more of you so you would better understand what he was able to accomplish with our work, as he has held back as you all do. We will give you this in portions, but we will leave the message we provided on this date in 2012, so you can’t miss the synchronicity. Study it intensely.

September 15, 2012

Starting again allows you to create fun and adventure in your physical life experience with whatever you attempt to do, be, or become. Each time you decide to start again, you come with heightened awareness and experience. 

Each time you start again, you activate new knowledge, wisdom, and abilities that might have previously escaped your awareness.

Many times, however, when you held the thought to start again, you have judged yourself as having failed in some way previously. In actuality, failure never occurs. It is merely added wisdom you gained from every attempt.


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