Your only fear is of yourself

September 13, 2022

Your only fear is of yourself. You came into the world at a time of your world’s evolvement, which we termed restructuring. You have not experienced this in your known human existence, but some of you, like Roger, have more memory that could resurface now.  

We began giving you this information more than two and a half years ago, but many of you did not understand what we meant, or you were too fearful of discovering your new self, and you thought you might ignore all your world’s events but that will no longer be possible. 

You are in the world to evolve, and you do that by becoming willing to take the next step that is before you on your evolutionary journey, and it is most likely what you have feared. All of it is intertwined with your world, for you are all one. 

We would advise more of you to listen to the last live session we held, and the message we provided on this day in 2012 will make sense. Roger has been given a gift to aid you all, and you possess something that will help others when you decide to believe in yourself. It is time for you to become your highest self, and it is within you. 

September 13, 2012

Your fears can be helpful. That statement may sound contradictory to you at first; however, upon closer examination, its logic will come to you.

When you harbor particular fears, you are also placing focused attention on those fears. Because your focused attention is creative energy, you will then manifest them in your physical life experience in some form. 

Once you have manifested them, you are then forced to face them in reality, so to speak, and in each and every case, you come to understand how unfounded they were in the first place. 

This entire process is expansion.


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