It will help if you become yourself

September 12, 2022

It will help if you become yourself. That is the goal you held for your life and the reason you are moving through a restructuring. You wanted to evolve, and the uncomfortable events you might experience will become helpful in your process. We mean you and your world.

You come into the world with a mission about much more than you. It is also about the future of your world. You are creating that now through your willingness to complete your assignment. It is uniquely yours. 

We know it is challenging for many of you, and it is not because of difficulties in your world that you observe as being division and conflict; those are your qualities. Once you accept yourself, you will contribute to your evolution and your world.

We struggled with Roger this morning. For he, like you, has inched toward his goal and what he knew he was meant to do, but that doubt remained. We sent him information that explained his connection to his understanding of world events. We provided a road map in 2012 but believing in himself and that he was one to receive this guidance is the same fear within you. Moving through it will be what you desire.

We will leave a message we gave you on this day, and many of you will find it helpful now, especially Roger. You are typically the last to recognize your value and worth, but we will continue to help. 

September 12, 2012

A crisis is an event or situation that you allow to show up in your physical life experience so that you might be motivated to become more. This is a very different way of looking at anything that you might consider to be a crisis for you, and it is also empowering, rather than leaving you feeling victimized by something outside of your control.

When you change your mindset and understand that you do indeed allow these events to occur, you will embrace them and approach them differently. Those answers will become readily available when you seek to understand why you would have them show up.


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