You Will Love and Trust Yourself More

We say more because you will continue to experience periods of fear and doubt as you move through your life, and that might be increasingly more evident to many of you now, but that is also the experience you wanted.

We said you were moving through a restructuring, and that must first occur within you before you might expect to see it manifest in your world. We want you to understand how vital your presence in the world is at this time, and we will explain more of that tomorrow in our live conversation, and we will have much more, which we are predicting now.

We advised Roger to reach out to another philosopher and author in Great Britain as they will make a connection that will aid you all in your understanding. They will have a call later today. As you evolve, new information is always presented to you. Still, you may inadvertently block it, not trust what you feel, or somehow believe you have failed, which is why we developed our program in a manner that gently encourages you to understand and accept yourself entirely.

We have mentioned all the elements included in our work, and today we added Stoicism. We say we added in that Roger allowed his consciousness to expand enough that he could recognize that element has been in all our work. All our work is meant to guide each of you to know your value, and your virtue will lead you to your highest good, especially now. You will be fine.


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