You are the one who has to believe

September 9, 2022

You are the one who has to believe. We must first commend Roger, for today was one of the few days he decided to believe us that in 2012 we provided everything any of you would need to know, so he went to look first.

You all doubt yourselves, and it is not something to beat yourself up about because you cannot know who you can become until you decide to find out, and that is the path of self-discovery we gave you. 

You will find the message especially helpful today, and that won’t be us but your higher self saying we told you so. 

September 9, 2012

Faith is being able to observe or experience something that you would initially label a problem or challenge while knowing there is benefit and value for you in the experience itself.

That is the essence of all physical life experiences, including your personal experience and your world. This concept is the duality that exists in all things physical.

When you can live in that faith, you do not experience worry, fear, and anxiety. The duality itself exists because you also possess free will of choice. That contrast then is necessary for you to have the ability to choose. When you choose faith, you also choose your inner peace.


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