You wanted to become courageous

September 8, 2022

You wanted to become courageous. The restructuring of your life and world will cause you to examine who you are and what beliefs you hold. But many of you have been unable to maintain yours in the middle of chaos. 

We provided guidance, and as you embody what we gave you in 2012, you must remember you are here to be love, and what you do for yourself, you do for all others. You are attempting to find your way to oneness.

We do hope the synchronicity of the messages we are providing now will help you remember your guidance and the eternal nature of your being. You will be fine. 

September 8, 2012

Criticism is always good and a gift. Many subjective words are being used here so that you might gain deeper insight into the concept.

Criticism is never arbitrary. It is something you receive because you desired it so that you might have some reaction. What becomes more important is what you decide to do with it.

Many times you might attempt to pretend it did not occur. In that instance, your physical ego has taken over in an effort to protect you from emotional hurt; however, that also ceases your expansion.

You can also choose to examine the criticism and decide if there is any value for you, or it may cause you to reexamine your own beliefs. Either way, you have developed greater awareness through the process as you intended.


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