You stand at the most opportune time in your life and world

September 10, 2022

You stand at the most opportune time in your life and world. We know it may not have appeared or felt that way to you, but you all have limited thinking and awareness, which is the perfect setup for developing and owning wisdom. 

Yes, it will be the subject of our live conversation with you today, and you will finally understand everything we have provided and your own acquired wisdom.

September 10, 2012

Wisdom is gathering information through experience, mentally processing it, and then deciding to use it in your continuing physical life experience.

If you were to fully absorb that statement and all its implications, you would come to a new awareness that allows you to make new choices as you move forward happily. It is indeed an act of moving forward, for you can’t unlearn experience.

While what you think of formal education is valuable and helpful, you intend to have a whole life that can only be fully felt and held through experience.


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