We hope you can hear us now

September 7, 2022

We hope you can hear us now. You are at a place in your life where you could make the most significant contribution to your evolution and that of your world. 

We began saying two years ago that you would be moving through what we have called restructuring; others have named it the great awakening or the big shift. Whatever human terminology you choose, please pick one that causes you to feel good. Your job during this period was to love yourself and fulfill your dreams.

You are here to move through the restrictions and limitations you have allowed in this lifetime, which will also do the same for your ancestors who left things in your hands. It is how your civilization has continuously operated. 

You have never experienced a period such as this. Still, many of you do understand what is occurring, and the pressure you’ve felt that you could not explain was the stranglehold you’ve placed on yourself by not becoming your authentic self. That is what is attempting to burst through. As we told you in 2012, you progress in increments, and that is individually and collectively.

You exist to help manifest a beautiful new world, and you will contribute by deciding to love yourself and become as happy and prosperous as you desire as long as you feel good. 

We provided a message on this day that will apply to you all but Roger specifically. He has generally accepted that we provided him with a valuable gift in 2012 and that we said we would use specific dates to indicate synchronicity, but he still had to check. In other words, you will doubt yourself now, but if you follow through, you will end the doubt. That was meant for you all, as you each have your divine plans unfolding now, but you also had doubts. It has only been your resistance. 

September 7, 2012

Surrender does not necessarily mean defeat but can indicate strength and courage. Surrender, as it is being used here, refers more to events and situations in your physical life experience rather than people. While others may be involved, it is more valuable for you to look at the situation or event merely.

When you become willing to surrender to it, it also means that you are demonstrating a knowing that says all things that show up for you have meaning and purpose and, in some manner, only do so for your highest good. When you surrender, you also release any resistance and find more peace. When you surrender, you are accepting yourself and your entire life experience.


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