Please Stop Denying Your Gift

We are preparing you for our conversation this coming Saturday. First of all, you have denied your gift, for that is the only reason you decided to be born. When you keep that gift in front of you, you continue to strive to self-actualize.

You have moved into a different time of your evolution, which is why we have said you are moving through a massive restructuring. Our talk Saturday will be about accepting how valuable you have become, which is your gift. If you wonder what your gift is, you will be pleased to discover it is you.

We will use Roger as an example, for he is the best one. Roger has always been intuitive, as are you all, but he was meant to use it differently but kept denying it existed. Yesterday he attended a meeting with many other practitioners and coaches. When he came on, one person, who was not on camera, began with, “I want first to thank Roger.” He had no idea what she meant and had no memory of it, which often occurs when we bypass him and speak to you directly. This person said that what Roger said to them caused them to remember many things about their lives and set them on a new path or one that had previously been abandoned.

We also explained yesterday some of the energies we used to create the program we have given you, and we said one was Carl Jung. We led Roger to an interview where Carl explained Roger’s challenge of being an introverted intuitive. He can see things from more angles than most, but because he also does not want to pick sides, so to speak, he sometimes fails to act, as you might have done.

Also, as many of you have done, he has never asked for enough money for his gifts, but we gave him the solution last night. We said you have twelve graduates now that we would like to market the program. They will receive half the money. You each will do things of this nature now because the shift of balance of power in your world will now provide you more. You will be fine.


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