You Were Not Born New

Several days ago, we asked Roger to tell you all that our conversation this Saturday would be about you accepting your value. We did that so he would be willing to share his story now that will help more of you prepare. You came into this lifetime because you wanted to make a big difference first within yourself and then in your world.

None of you are doing the same thing, but you came in with the same intention of evolving and expanding. But at times, you work against yourself. You have held an unwillingness to release your attachments to old ways of being. Most are beliefs about your abilities and that of your world.

We will give you Roger’s example. When Roger spoke of his affinity for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we told him he had forgotten what we told him before. He does this often, as you might, for you also have elements of inferiority woven into your mental makeup, which you also wanted to change now, which is why we said you must accept your value.

We then took him back to messages we had given on the subject, and even where we told him Martin was not his given name, we said now look at the one who came before, and that was Martin Luther. Roger then watched a new documentary, and there was more clarity, and he can explain it somewhat better now, but he’s still working on it as you are.

The program we have given him, and therefore you, is a culmination of Roger’s life and those who came before. They are part of his soul family that would provide him with the information that would allow him to expand in this lifetime. You each hold wisdom from all others who came before and implanted that earned knowledge into you, and all you must do is accept it and allow it to become more.

We have spoken of your DNA for this reason precisely. You cannot know which energies of those who came before would aid your journey more until you begin living your life and those figures appear. We used the energies of Martin Luther because he was about reform and breaking free from outdated norms. Dr. King, Jr. understood the value of extracting that wisdom for the good of all and furthered the idea of inclusion. We used Adler because many of you do not understand the harm a belief in inferiority has caused you and your world. We used Jung because he knew the value of repetition in accessing human potential, which we gave you in the program. And we used Maslow because he would instill in each of you the idea of continual progression.

We will give you more after you absorb this, but you will be fine.


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