You will aid in the restructuring of the world in this manner

August 25, 2020

You will aid in the restructuring of the world in this manner. If you had difficulty believing that you could possibly have anything to do with the creation or formation of your world, you have uncovered the beliefs that have been problematic in your life. 

We will now bring together many of our previous messages for clarity. Attempt to imagine this scenario. You have always existed and experienced many lifetimes. Each one held probable realities you might encounter, which would help your individual evolvement. Each time you do this, you access and utilize more of your authentic self. You are never done with this process, but each lifetime you “work” on different aspects of yourself. We used those words as you will understand them. 

In each lifetime, you connect with what we have referred to as your soul family. These may be people in your immediate family, but it is everyone in your experience, and you simply figure out how they are helping you. The other thing that occurs is that you become more empowered each lifetime because you have recognized and honored more aspects of yourself.

We said the United States would lead the way in this restructuring because it set itself forth as the leader. But in doing so, they did not honor every aspect of who they were and created a hierarchy, of which we have spoken, that makes it difficult for the individual to experience empowerment or simply feel powerful.

But the real challenge has been you. You did not think you could make a difference, but what will occur now due to your world condition is you will choose to restructure yourself, which means owning and honoring all of you. Now you will understand why we have continually referred to the collective you recently because now, you will aid that collective you in its evolvement by becoming yourself. That is all you desired your entire “this” lifetime. 

One last point. You must be patient with the world as you needed to be with yourself, for you can see how you resisted becoming the greatest version of yourself, and quite literally, you are the world. 


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