Your suffering is self-imposed

September 1, 2022

Your suffering is self-imposed. When you refuse to become your authentic self, you inadvertently allow circumstances in your life and world to experience more unpleasantness than necessary. 

We are providing this message as your world is moving through another transition. The person who has allowed his suffering to continue has been Roger by not revealing who he is, which we have finally convinced him to do. You will hear it later today.

He feared what might happen if he became himself, and many of you have done that and Roger knew we gave you something on this day that would aid him and everyone else. Becoming who you were meant to be is one step at a time. 

September 1, 2012

Whatever appears to you as a seeming disaster also holds a hidden treasure. It is first important for you to remember that disasters actually never occur. They are simply events and circumstances that, when they are happening for you, your limited present moment awareness has yet to reveal their purpose and value.

That purpose and value always lead you to more expansion, or the evolved you. When those seeming disasters show up, it then becomes up to you to allow the treasure to be revealed. It is also important to remember to allow it to come forth. If you fight to find it, so to speak, you are operating from some form of fear that the treasure does not exist. It always does.


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