You wanted to love yourself

September 2, 2022

You wanted to love yourself. That is why you are alive now. You decided to do so during what we refer to as the restructuring of your world and, therefore, you. 

You each come into the world with the limitations and restrictions you intend to move through, and you do that by loving yourself. 

We will tie several things together for you. Yesterday we had Roger create a post where he revealed more about himself because he knew it was time for him to live his example, for he wants to guide more of you to freedom. You cannot achieve your life goal until you accept every aspect of yourself and your life experience.

It is not that you need to reveal what he did publicly, but you must reconcile it within yourself with complete self-acceptance.  

Then we had him post a message we gave you more than two years ago that explained the division you might experience in your world so you would be motivated to heal the division within yourself. That means moving through everything you thought you did wrong, understanding the tremendous benefit you provided to your world, and then releasing the judgment you’ve placed on yourself. That is how you energetically change your life and world. 

Today we had him see the message we gave you on this date a year ago, which was titled a more perfect union. We were referring again to the United States, for they are serving as a beacon during this transition. They are only an example; you hold that same power within yourself when you become willing to love yourself, believe in your dream, and offer it to your world full-heartedly. 

Then we had Roger see what we provided on this date in 2012, titled receiving. You have accomplished quite a bit throughout your life, but especially in the last several years, and as we said, this restructuring includes wealth and income redistribution. Still, you must become willing to receive, which is also the result of you deciding to love yourself. 

Everything we gave you in our work was to that end, and now that Roger knows how well it works, he will allow himself to receive. You only experience any challenge in your life when you refuse to become your authentic self. You will be fine. 


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