Your belief in yourself will increase

August 31, 2022

Your belief in yourself will increase. You are moving through a rapidly changing world. You are changing purposefully to aid the restructuring of your world when you release your resistance.  

You are not doing this alone; attempting to lift heavy boulders was not your intention. You also wanted to enjoy your life experience.

Accepting that we provided guidance years ago is challenging, but you have always had guidance, but sometimes you don’t listen or follow what you hear. 

It took a while for Roger, but he trusts more in his guidance through us. We knew what you could use now. It will lessen your resistance to change.

August 31, 2012

A respite is that period of time where you consciously retreat from your physical world and all its activities and distractions in order that you might gain more connectedness to your eternal spiritual self.

Every time you allow yourself to take this journey, you come out the other side more evolved than when you entered. This is always the case whether or not you are consciously aware of this.

There are many opportunities for you to take this journey, such as your holidays. However, it even becomes more powerful for you when you make the decision to take the journey understanding its benefits.


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