None of this is new

August 30, 2022

None of this is new. We thought today we would revisit some of your life, and we do mean yours, even though you have not read the message we provided to Roger in 1989. 

None of you would have read it because he kept it hidden, as many of you have kept things hidden that you suddenly find reemerging during the restructuring of your life and world.

We delivered this message soon after the harmonic convergence in your world in 1987 of your linear time. As you read the message, it will be obvious we were speaking to Roger, but he is meant to talk to more of you as he holds this knowledge, but like many of you, he doubted what he possessed. We assure you it will come in handy now during the next several months in your world. 

February 3, 1989

You will find on this path you call life that there will always be revelations, so to speak, as you continue to remain “awake” and “conscious” on your journey. 

It will seem somewhat inconceivable that you have previously missed some of the more obvious answers as you view the experiences of your life.

Be careful not to allow the revelations to cloud your view by remonstrating (we know you like that word) yourself for a feeling of inadequacy that is only your opinion. 

It would be much wiser instead to welcome the new awareness with gratitude, and you will find that they will occur more often. 

You have indeed uncovered a great deal about yourself, and isn’t that the whole point? Now you feel the impetus to continue with your work, and in so doing, you will find a deeper meaning in your endeavors. Relish in them.


Now you have the message in its original form, for Roger did not use our name then because he kept this to himself, but none of you should do that now, for you will cause the rest of your life to be more difficult than it would need to be. That is why we provided our work. 

Please suspend your disbelief.


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