You have been prepared

August 29, 2022

You have been prepared. Roger decided to write an article where he speaks of his transformation and guidance by us, but today you will experience the same.

While you did not know we prepared this for you ten years ago, we did. And you also have history you are revisiting, so you might move beyond it on your evolutionary journey, and not only will your life improve but also your world. You all carry resistance and might encounter more during this global transition. 

August 29, 2012

As you move through your physical life experience in your effort to continually expand, you will encounter what best might be interpreted by you as resistance. 

That resistance will take many different forms,

but the goal of all of them is to, in some way, prevent you from expanding or evolving spiritually.

At times it may be in the form of illness or dis-ease in your physical body. It may show up in the form of mental or emotional depression. It may show up in a lack of motivation. None of the forms are important, but what you do with them is crucial.

You would do well to seek to notice and acknowledge the resistance itself and then decide to “do it anyway.”


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