Nothing feels better than this

August 28, 2022

Nothing feels better than this. What that would be is you become your authentic self. That was your only life goal, which is more important now in your life experience and that of your world. 

We have said we provided guidance for this transition in your world, but belief in yourself is something you each come to at the right time in your life. 

You each have guidance from your higher selves, and we will reinforce what you have heard but may not have yet embraced. 

We have used specific dates with Roger for the experience of synchronicity is meant to cause each of you to have more faith and belief in your purpose, and as you will see, it is before you now. 

August 28, 2021

Your life’s purpose is before you now. We are speaking to you, for every soul is born with a purpose they are meant to fulfill so they may evolve. And they pick a time and place within the time trajectory or your planet to provide them with the best circumstances to accomplish their individual goal, coinciding with your world’s evolution. 

Now you know why you wanted to be here during this restructuring.

August 28, 2012

You can’t fail at anything you attempt to do when you intend to do your best. Your best is always enough, and in every new moment of now, it is more than it was five minutes ago, last year, or years prior.

You are a continually expanding being, so your best is also expanding. Your best, as it is being used here, means the contribution you desire to make, not only to your own expansion but to all others. When you focus on your best, you know this is occurring because you also feel good.

As you study the entirety of this message, you will come to new awareness and understand the nature of our work which is always to have your embrace and love your authentic self. It will be the euphoria you sought. 


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