You Cannot Fail

You cannot fail. We are giving you this message that holds many meanings, and you will find yours, as will your world. We have given you many messages about failure, but now we refer to your current restructuring. Your restructuring coincides with that of your world, for that is how you planned it to be because you did not want to fail this time.

Your ultimate desire is evolution. You knew you could only achieve that when you fully accepted every part of yourself, for then, your world would do the same, and you know on a deep intrinsic level that there is more joy, strength, and power in oneness which occurs when you heal the divisions within yourself.

Those very divisions are the ones you wanted to experience now to choose who you wanted to be, and now you have the opportunity. The other reason you can’t fail is you have always cared about others. But you felt a sense of inferiority or that you could not make a difference, and then you held the idea that your idea of being pleasant and helpful was a weakness.

But you knew that if you were to accept yourself entirely, you would fulfill your goal of expansion, and your effort would change and save your world. But you didn’t think you were powerful enough to do so, and you were right. You meant to do it with others, for that is the big picture shift we said your world would move through, and that’s why we say you have become more valuable, and that is why we told Roger to mention our talk this Saturday would address that topic.

You evolve gradually and incrementally, and it only depends on your acceptance of the gifts you hold. Now that Roger knows and can accept all we said in our program, he has awakened his dream of saving the world through you. He knows that if more of you recognize and own your benevolence, value, and worth, you will create the world you wanted, and that is another reason we said you could not fail. We need you. You will be fine.


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