Synchronicity helps you

August 27, 2022

Synchronicity helps you. We have used specific dates of some of the occurrences in our messages to say that you have always existed. You only remember what you were meant to in this lifetime when it aids your evolutionary journey. 

Your journey is an important one not only to you but to your world. You would not be alive during this time of transition in your world unless you had something to offer that would make a difference and cause your world to expand and become more. 

These times have been challenging for many, but there are so many others like Roger who know you have something more to offer but have held back, and you’ve done it for years.

But the good news is if you stop doing that now, you will aid your evolution and help heal your planet. We have said you never know who you might become, but it is always before you, and it is something you have never done, and if you do, you will ascend. 

This time in your life and world offers you an enormous opportunity when you understand how and why you would do that, and that is what we will give you tomorrow in our live conversation with you, which we have waited for all of your life. You will understand that. 


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