We said it would all be about you

August 26, 2022

We said it would all be about you. You took this life journey. At the same time, it may feel like you are somehow being punished by what you have recently experienced in your world and your life. 

But you will discover you have done this because you wanted to evolve, and even though we know it is challenging to see beyond the current conditions, we will keep letting you know you were never alone. And you will believe in yourself. You had something to accomplish, and you will if you keep going. 

Attempt to imagine the divine plan of your life or what you thought it might be, and know that you were correct. We were helping and providing guidance even before you knew you would benefit. Now you will understand why we have used specific dates. 

August 26, 2012

Everything in your physical life experience is about you. It would help if you remembered this fact, for you will begin to interpret all events, circumstances, and people that come into your life differently.

This is not to be taken as some sort of selfish journey on your part, but a path to expansion that benefits you and all others and mass consciousness. This concept allows you to accept responsibility for your life and eliminate the blame and causation you may place on others.

When you feel not acknowledged by another, it is because you desire to acknowledge yourself. When you feel not loved by another, it is because you want to love yourself. It is all about you.


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