You will have to choose

August 25, 2022

You will have to choose. You are moving through a massive restructuring in your world because you wanted to experience a significant change in yourself on your evolutionary journey. 

Your journey is that precisely, yours. You each have soul expressions you wanted to allow to evolve now, for if you accomplish that, you also aid the evolution of your world. 

We know those concepts and are challenging for many of you, but we provided help in 2012 when we gave a message on conflict. While you will witness more in your world, you are doing so because it exists within you. 

Healing your internal conflict will aid your world. 

We will leave that message below so you will understand it now because before, you couldn’t. Most humans wait for physical proof before they believe something because they are living on the physical plane, but your world is moving somewhere else, and if you change now, your journey will be more joyful.

We knew many of you would not like change, but as we have reminded you, everything you want exists in the unknown. 

August 25, 2012

You may experience conflict in your physical life when you think in one way and then act in another. The conflict only occurs because you have difficulty making confident choices. Sometimes, those choices can be confusing simply because you have yet to decide who you desire to be.

Often, that lack of decision is due to your lack of belief that you can become that person. When you first consciously decide who you desire to be and know that you have all the resources available to do so, your choices become apparent, and your conflict ceases.


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