You Are Moving to Oneness and Leaving Your Legacy

You will understand this message if it is the right time on your evolutionary journey. However, regardless it will still aid you in understanding the restructuring occurring in your world in which you wanted to participate.

You decided before your birth to be alive now, for it would allow you to remember why you wanted to be alive and the aspect of yourself you wanted to develop further, acknowledge, and own so you might leave the legacy you intended. You each did that, and your legacy can’t be less than any other, which is what your world comes to know whenever you move through a significant shift. But you are always provided help, and it is always within you. The process of evolving is coming to that realization and acting upon the information you have been given. For you were given a gift.

We chose this day for this message because more of you will resonate with its intent, and it fulfills a part of Roger’s journey. Today the United States celebrates the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His actual birthday was this past Saturday, January 15th, where we gave you our conversation to aid more of you in embodying your new self, for you have changed. We also had Roger see for the first time that even Martin’s name was chosen by his father and not the one he was given at birth. You each are in the process of choosing, and you may not need to change your name but only your thoughts.

But Roger didn’t know that we orchestrated it all for him to own his legacy to aid more of you. Roger heard Dr. King speak in person when he was fifteen years old. It awakened something within him, and a little more than two years later, it felt as though that flame was extinguished when Martin was assassinated, but obviously, that was not true because you are celebrating his legacy today.

We went further to aid you all in your self-belief. We had Roger listen to our recording of that session last night, and right before a recording of Abraham Hicks appeared, then Roger heard ours, and he wondered why he held himself back before. You each have thought some of your teachers were your leaders, but you are the leader in your life. Then we told him about all the elements of those who came before, like Jung, Maslow, and Einstein we included in our program to make a point to you all that some will recognize this day. You are here to add more to what has existed.

You were born to evolve, contribute and feel your legacy even in this lifetime, but rest assured you are in the process of creating it now, and you are that essential. We had Roger see a message from someone his assistant sent this morning and told him to put the line here, for it is not about him but you. “Thanks again for your life’s work.”

You will be fine.


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